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Hello, friends! Welcome to my virtual space, where I channel my passion for creativity and beauty into a unique blend of design expertise, fashion flair, artistic inspiration, and luxury living.

My journey from Chicago has shaped me into a highly sought-after interior designer with a keen eye for aesthetics. Through this platform, I proudly present a treasure trove of fabulous finds, hidden tips, and expertly curated collections that are handpicked by me and available for purchase.

Are you ready to elevate your lifestyle with personalized flair and creative vision? Explore my virtual interior design and style services designed to transform your

living space into a sanctuary that reflects your personality.

Join me on this captivating journey, where I draw upon my experiences as an interior designer, wine enthusiast, fashion lover, art connoisseur, and advocate for mindful living to offer you discerning recommendations that elevate every aspect of your lifestyle.

Whether you seek unique decor pieces, stylish accessories, or a touch of inspiration, this website is your ultimate destination for all things chic and exquisite.

Discover the art of living fashionably with every detail curated with love and intention. Ready to take the next step? Explore my services and collections now and start your journey towards personalized luxury living!






Explore the world of Fashionably Kimberly where you can discover a wealth of tips and tricks,

peruse carefully curated furniture and accent pieces in the online shop, and delve into "fashionably favorite finds"

offering recommendations and shoppable links for your convenience.

Don't hesitate to book my virtual interior design services for a transformative experience

right from the comfort of your own home. 

Experience the ultimate luxury with 'Designer for a Day,' a personalized service providing expert advice

through one-on-one virtual consultations.


Fashionably Kimberly is your go-to destination for all your style maven and design desires.

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